NY Bar Catering Services

is a portable bar & liquor catering service. We specialize in providing a gourmet liquor & bar experience, use our own mobile bar set-up with a number of configuration options, allowing you the ability to customize your bar experience. We have designed our menu to reflect the options you might find in upscale bars, clubs, or restaurants in New York City.

Corporate events, Private events, Venue halls, Catering companies, Hotels, Production companies, Trade shows, Music events, music festivals, Fashion shows/events, Film festivals/premiers, TV shows/events, Food festivals, New York city residential buildings, Street Fairs/Indoor Fairs, Conventions, Sports events/games, New York City Parks (holiday seasons), Hampton in the summer, Larges organizations, Car dealerships-New Car Events/special sale days, College graduations, Publicity companies, Art shows, Galas, Festivals, Bartenders-for-hire Companies, Rental companies.

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